The Square Deal

The Square Deal

Ever wonder why a Wendy’s® hamburger is square? Our founder Dave Thomas started Wendy’s in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio with a simple idea. Great food, served hot and fresh, by nice people. And the square thing? That came from his childhood role model, Grandma Minnie, who told him to Never Cut Corners. Dave didn’t have the easiest childhood. He was adopted as a baby and then his adoptive mother died when he was very young. His father remarried three times and often struggled to find a job so the family moved around frequently. Dave found solace and community in restaurants – he recalled being eight years old when he first dreamed of starting a restaurant where “everyone would love my food.” Today, we remain committed to his ideals like Quality is our Recipe® (and we still don’t cut corners), and Do the Right Thing. With his childhood as our example, our signature cause is foster care adoption and finding homes for the hundreds of thousands of children who are waiting in foster care to find their forever families. Interested in hearing more? We’ll use this space to give you The Square Deal™ – our views on food, quality, culture, children’s issues and doing our best to make Dave proud.

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The Future is Female: Break Through Ideas for Women in Foodservice
For the past five years, I’ve worked for an iconic brand where a female is the face of the Company. You know her as Wendy – the young, red headed girl with pigtails and freckles. And it’s refreshing to see Wendy’s face – a female face – every day when I come to work.  As we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day this week, I’m spending it with 50 of my Wendy’s...
Mar 8, 2018 12:55 PM ET
Meet the Woman at Wendy’s Fighting for Children in Foster Care
It All Began with Dave Mary Schell, Wendy’s® Chief Public Affairs Officer, joined the Company in 1995 when the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption® was still relatively...
Feb 26, 2018 8:25 AM ET
Wendy’s Chili Recipe Isn’t Your Family Recipe… but It’s Pretty Darn Close
Wendy’s Pays Tribute to Signature Menu Item on National Chili Day There’s something to be said about the level of comfort a bowl of chili can bring. When it comes to our list of menu items we wish we could snuggle, chili definitely tops the list. Hey, don’t act like you’ve never dreamt of snuggling up to a big ole’ bowl of chili by the fire on a cold winter night. We...
Feb 22, 2018 11:05 AM ET
Beyond the Food: Wendy’s Recognized as an Outstanding Workplace
People. Profits. Planet. That was the focus of the TDn2K™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge) 2018 Global Best Practices Conference, which Wendy’s colleagues, franchisees and I attended in Dallas last month. We were there to accept a ...
Feb 7, 2018 8:35 AM ET
Lessons Learned from Restaurant Icon Dave Thomas
It’s difficult to quantify the number of lives that Dave Thomas touched throughout his 69 years of life. From our 6,500 restaurants who employ around 30 employees per restaurant per year, combined with the thousands of children in the foster care system who have been paired with a Wendy’s...
Jan 23, 2018 9:20 AM ET