Our People

Our People

We make Qualcomm an inspiring and inclusive workplace to advance the development of leading-edge technologies

Our success is only possible with the hard work and dedication of our employees. We celebrate diversity among our workforce and recognize that our varied backgrounds, experiences, and ideas are critical to innovation. We foster inclusive practices in all areas of operation around the world to ensure that we remain a company that reflects the communities in which we do business. We also engage our global workforce through giving and outreach efforts to support and enrich the communities where we live and work.



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How I Became a Techie: Amy Villasenor
“Sometimes, you run into a road block and you’re stuck, but that’s what engineering is all about: finding a better solution.” — Amy Villasenor A digital clock in my parents’ room was the first object that got me interested in technology. I was seven years old, and I’d stare at it and wonder, “How does that clock know that that number needs to change? How does it know...
Oct 17, 2016 4:00 PM ET
IIE’s Women Enhancing Technology Program Celebrates the Achievements of the Next Generation of Female Tech Leaders in India
BENGALURU, India, August 18, 2016 /3BL Media/ Multinational corporations and local students are coming together in a grassroots effort to enable new opportunities and empower women in technology and entrepreneurship. Middle and high school female students will compete in the Women Enhancing Technology (WeTech) Graduation Pitch Event in Bengaluru, India, on August 20th. The WeTech program,...
Aug 19, 2016 11:00 AM ET
How I became a techie: Guy Kayombya
“I’ve always liked creating things that are autonomous; it’s like giving life to this thing that’s going to interact with its environment.” — Guy Kayombya My earliest memory of working with technology is in the fourth grade. I grew up in Nairobi , Kenya, and lucky for me, my school had a computer lab. I remember being drawn to its computers. And then my teacher...
Aug 1, 2016 5:15 PM ET
Qualcomm Celebrates Diversity at the San Diego Pride Parade
Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to march in the San Diego Pride Parade alongside 300 other “Qualcommers,” their families, and friends. It’s the sixth year in a row that I’ve participated in this celebration of our LGBT community, and I always find it a personally rewarding experience. In a way, the parade is a reflection of our company: a diverse community, marching forward together...
Jul 27, 2016 3:55 PM ET
How I became a techie: Janet Tisnado
“I think anybody can get into tech if you have the drive and the passion. If this is what you want and you put the time into it, you can do it.” — Janet Tisnado In my senior year, reps for an internship program came to my high school looking for electrical engineering interns. I got in and that summer, they taught us how chips get made. I learned about everything from...
Jul 1, 2016 12:00 PM ET