Amgen Scholars Program

Amgen Scholars Program

Made possible through a 12-year, $50 million commitment from the Amgen Foundation, Amgen Scholars allows undergraduates from across the globe to participate in cutting-edge research opportunities at world-class institutions. 17 leading institutions across the U.S., Europe and Japan currently host the summer program.

Undergraduate participants benefit from undertaking a research project under top faculty, being part of a cohort-based experience of seminars and networking events, and taking part in a symposium in their respective region (U.S., Europe or Japan) where they meet their peers, learn about biotechnology, and hear from leading scientists.

Learn more by visiting and following the #AmgenScholars hashtag on Twitter. 

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We asked Amgen Scholars attending the U.S. symposium at the University of California, Los Angeles, and at the Europe symposium at the University of Cambridge to tell us something cool about their labs this summer. In this video, the scholars answered: the people. Hear students discuss the importance of...
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Amgen Foundation Deepens Commitment To Aspiring Scientists Worldwide By Expanding Amgen Scholars Program
Nearly 4,000 Undergraduates From More Than 700 Colleges and Universities Have Participated to Date Alumni Pursuing Advanced Scientific Degrees and Careers Across the U.S. and Globe
Nov 2, 2018 4:15 PM ET
Big Impact in Bio: Innovating to Save Lives
In this video, Amgen Scholars alumni tell their #BigImpactinBio stories, focusing on how to innovate in biotechnology in order to improve and save people’s lives. Marvin Gee (ASP 2011,...
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Amgen Scholars Program in Singapore
The Amgen Scholars Program provides young scientists across the globe access and opportunity through cutting-edge research experiences and exposure to biotechnology and drug discovery. In this video, Singapore Amgen Scholar, Su Chang Chloe shares her story about participating in the program at Kyoto University, Japan and...
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Big Impact in Bio: Building Communities
In this video, Amgen Scholars alumni tell their #BigImpactinBio stories, focusing on the importance of community building in science. Rachel Lucero (ASP 2014, University of California, San Diego) is a STEM...
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