Amgen Scholars Program

Amgen Scholars Program

Made possible through a 12-year, $50 million commitment from the Amgen Foundation, Amgen Scholars allows undergraduates from across the globe to participate in cutting-edge research opportunities at world-class institutions. 17 leading institutions across the U.S., Europe and Japan currently host the summer program.

Undergraduate participants benefit from undertaking a research project under top faculty, being part of a cohort-based experience of seminars and networking events, and taking part in a symposium in their respective region (U.S., Europe or Japan) where they meet their peers, learn about biotechnology, and hear from leading scientists.

Learn more by visiting and following the #AmgenScholars hashtag on Twitter. 

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Seize the Moment, Steel Yourself Against Rejection, and Connect: A Professor-Parent’s Advice
Steven McCornack is an unlikely member of the Amgen Scholars community. He is not a biology researcher, undergraduate, program alumnus, or student program director. A professor of communications at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB), McCornack studies interpersonal relationships. He has recommended students before for the Amgen Scholars Program but his true connection to the program is...
Apr 16, 2018 7:50 AM ET
Spring 2018 Alumni Travel Award Opens
The Amgen Scholars Global Program Office is now accepting applications for Spring 2018 U.S. Alumni Travel Awards. The deadline for application submission is April 20, 2018. Access the application and ...
Apr 6, 2018 5:55 AM ET
Students Describe the Amgen Scholars Program as Inspiring and Unforgettable
The Amgen Scholars Program provides young scientists across the globe access and opportunity through cutting-edge research experiences and exposure to biotechnology and drug discovery. In this video, participating students talk about the opportunities for independent research in top university labs, networking and communication skills. To learn more, visit:...
Apr 4, 2018 10:30 AM ET
The Write Stuff: 3 Expert Tips from Tama Hasson on Academic Science Writing
Dr. Tama Hasson starts off her New Year grilling would-be science writing skills tutors. From January to June, she interviews and evaluates senior graduate students to see if they have the “write stuff” to shepherd Amgen Scholars through the science writing process at UCLA. The tutors become partners in a summer-long process to train the scholars in writing an academic paper, from...
Mar 7, 2018 9:55 AM ET
Real Life Research Experience: Meet Amgen Scholars Alumni Agata Misiaszek
Agata Misiaszek Wrocław, Poland Host University: Karolinska Institute Home University: The University of Edinburgh Amgen Scholar Year: 2017 Major: Molecular biology Expected Graduation: May 2018 Journey to Science How did you become interested in science? Ever since I...
Feb 22, 2018 2:55 PM ET