Video: BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Distillery at Laverstoke Mill Makes use of Renewable Energy from Spent Botanicals

Mar 10, 2015 12:00 PM ET

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® gin exercises its ability to "waste not, want not," as the Bacardi-owned brand makes sure nothing is squandered at its new distillery at Laverstoke Mill. Sustainability is literally all in a day's work at the distillery and brand home, tucked away in the picturesque English countryside, as slightly less than a ton of spent botanicals from just one day's worth of gin-making provide the renewable energy needed to power one of its stills.

From the beginning, plans created to redevelop Laverstoke Mill were ambitious, but followed the Bacardi Limited “Good Spirited” global sustainability initiative, a campaign across all of the Company's brands and operations to reach the company-wide vision of a net-zero impact on the environment. The Bacardi Good Spirited credo strives to improve sustainability within three main areas: responsible sourcing, global packaging and operational efficiencies.

With no effort too large or small, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE looked for ways to increase the brand's sustainability during the renovation project. The use of the leftover exotic botanicals as renewable energy is just one of the many ways the facility does its part to fulfill the Good Spirited net-zero impact goal. Across all its brands, Bacardi has already reduced both nonrenewable energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 28%.

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