Timberland X Thread: Meet Clenord

Mar 20, 2018 1:00 PM ET

Global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland recently released three new Timberland X Thread men’s footwear styles for spring, made with Thread’s recycled Ground to Good™ fabric. Each product made with Thread™ fabric supports a vibrant network of dignified jobs in the developing world - jobs for Haitian entrepreneurs like Clenord.

Clenord started in the plastics industry after a friend told him how to get involved in the business. He originally sold recovered plastics to his friend, but now he runs his own center.

Since starting his business, Clenord has been able to open four collection centers. He uses his earnings from recycling to buy pigs, which he believes is the best way to build up a savings account. “When I have a problem, I sell a pig to solve the problem,” he says.

Since 2013, when Clenord started his business, he’s been able to build a house, have a second child, and send his kids to school. For the future, he would like to open more recycling centers and help create more jobs for his neighbors. To those purchasing Timberland X Thread products, Clenord shared a special message, “I would like to say thank you for supporting me to help my business keep growing.”

To learn more about the positive social and environmental impact generated by the Timberland X Thread collection, visit timberland.com