Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance with The Power of Science

May 31, 2018 11:00 AM ET

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), or the ability of a bacterium, virus, or fungus to develop resistance to the medicines commonly used to treat them, is one of the leading global public health threats today. Currently, AMR causes more than 700,000 deaths annually. If left unchecked, this number is expected to rise to 10 million deaths annually by 2050. In collaboration with the infectious disease community, we are working to develop solutions that address and help treat the serious and growing AMR crisis. Through a comprehensive approach, we are proud to be a leader in the fight against this global public health threat.

At Pfizer, our colleagues, like Jill Inverso, VP of Medical Critical Care, are working to find solutions to this serious public health issue through a multifaceted approach that includes active stewardship to ensure appropriate antibiotic use, surveillance to track resistance trends, the expansion and development of a diverse portfolio of medicines and vaccines to help treat and prevent life-threatening infections, and policy thought leadership to facilitate antibiotic and vaccines development. Additionally, Pfizer maintains responsible manufacturing practices that do not harm human health or the environment. By leveraging the passion of our colleagues and The Power of Science, we hope to minimize the impact of AMR.

Watch Jill’s story and learn more by visiting our Annual Review at www.pfizer.com/annual.