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SHQ Highlights October 30, 2013
Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 2:10pm

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Top Story of the Week

What is Sustainability?  If the CEO Asks… 
We have many conversations these days with corporate executives who are becoming aware of the topic of corporate sustainability and ask…what is sustainability?  It is not about “being green,” although that may be part of the conversation.

It is about excellence in management and “a compass to navigate” to a better business model. In the short article (our Top Story), author Christopher Gleadle (“Sustainable Growth Through Sustainable Business”) shares his views on sustainability with readers of Environmental Leader.

He and we share the observation that in operations, and in disclosure and reporting, corporate sustainability must be in balance, material, and relevant to the company and its stakeholders.  In that way, as author Gleadle notes, companies can develop a more robust business model for the 21st Century (with all of the challenges to come!).  This is a nice short piece to share when asked the question…so what is this all about, this corporate sustainability?

What Is Sustainability?       
(Tuesday - October 22, 2013) 
Source: Environmental Leader - Senior executives are typically foresighted and clear-headed in matters that are material to their business, yet are not sufficiently informed as to understand how externalities can effect financial materiality. So, first,...

Sustainability in Focus

The Sustainability Leadership Opportunity: Are You a ‘Can Do’ Leader? 
(Friday - October 25, 2013) 
Source: Triple Pundit - The word “sustainability” means a lot of different things to different people. When we talk about global sustainability though, there is a simple definition: find ways to live today that allow all of us to thrive today and...

Green Is the New Black: Levi's, Nike Among Marketers Pushing Sustainability       
(Thursday - October 24, 2013) 
Source: AD Week - Levi’s boasts of designer jeans made out of used plastic bottles. Nike tempts runners with knitted sneakers that it claims cut manufacturing waste by 88 percent. These products may be the tip of a marketing iceberg, as new...

10 steps to developing an industry sustainability program
(Thursday - October 24, 2013) 
Source: GreenBiz - One of the top trends in corporate social responsibility and sustainability is industry collaboration. As companies pursue sustainability goals more aggressively, they realize they cannot work in isolation from their economic...

Why ?Better?  isn?t Good Enough - On the Journey to More Sustainability 
(Wednesday - October 23, 2013) 
Recently the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a study that used its strongest language yet indicating human behavior is the leading cause of global warming. For most of us who follow...

BP crisis highlights value of sustainability research       
(Wednesday - October 23, 2013) Associated Profiles :ECOFACT AG 
Source:  Financial Times - Investors follow usual US shutdown script One exception is Philipp Aeby, managing partner of Ecofactî, a Swiss consultancy that runs an equities data service called RepRisk. RepRisk monitors global...

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