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SHQ Highlights October 16, 2013
Monday, October 28, 2013 - 10:45pm

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Top Story of the Week

7th Annual Survey of Companies
By UN Global Compact & Wharton School

Checking in on the progress of companies in terms of living up to the commitments made as Global Compact signatories, UNGC and the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) conduct a survey each year; the 2013 results are in and the Global Corporate Sustainability Report documents the responses.  There were 1712 responses to the survey (56% were large enterprises, the balance, small-to-medium sized businesses). 

Using a Six-Sigma approach (commit, assess, define, implement, measure, communicate), the report authors looked at human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, and other important elements of supply chain management and global sourcing.  Four key findings are documented in the Top Story from Triple Pundit. 

UN Global Compact Releases Sustainability Research Findings 
(Wednesday - October 09, 2013) 
Source: Triple Pundit - The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) recently released its 2013 Global Corporate Sustainability Report on the state of corporate sustainability. The UN Compact’s pool of respondents have committed to pursuing the UN’s defined...

Sustainability in Focus

The Sustainable Workforce: Part of a Global Sustainability Strategy  
(Friday - October 11, 2013) 
Source: Huff Post - In a National Work and Family Month post last week, Eve Tahmincioglureflected on the observations of "suits and hipsters" who are questioning workplaces that make it hard to blend work with the rest of life. Given my background...

Target Sets Sustainability Standards For Product Sourcing
(Thursday - October 10, 2013) 
Source: Twin Cities Business - Target is asking certain vendors to assess the sustainability of their products; the “sustainability scores” will help guide Target's merchandising and product-placement decisions.

What Do 'Sustainability' Executives Do? Let Us Know: Survey 
(Thursday - October 10, 2013) 
Source: Bloomberg - Many companies now have chief sustainability officers or the equivalent. What roles do they play? That's the question we're asking today as we launch a new survey. In less than a decade, sustainability has gone from a feel-good...

Linking Sustainability Performance to Compensation: A Must for Success  
(Wednesday - October 09, 2013) 
Source: Huff Post - Many companies tout sustainability as important and highlight their accomplishments on their website and in their sustainability reports. Unless it is directly linked to staff performance across the organization, however, it is...

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