Weekly Highlights November 21, 2013 Weekly Highlights November 21, 2013

SHQ Highlights November 21, 2013
Friday, November 22, 2013 - 1:30pm

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Top Story of the Week

The Five Dumbest Things You'll Hear About Sustainability        
(Wednesday - November 13, 2013) 
Source: Huff Post - This one's about dumb, dumber, and dumbest, plus two intermediate levels for good measure. Ready for the inglorious countdown?

Sustainability in Focus

Market Beat: 100 most sustainable companies in the world        
(Friday - November 15, 2013) 
Source: Tahoe Daily Tribune - Socially responsible investing has been around for a long time. Investors can purchase mutual funds that will not invest in tobacco stocks or defense stocks or companies that have a track record of being heavy polluters.

CEO of The Mosaic Company Says Sustainability Is a Companywide Commitment That Adds Shareholder Value
(Friday - November 15, 2013) Associated Profiles : UN - Global Reporting Initiative GRI 
Source:  CSR Wire - Energy: In 2012, Mosaic’s phosphates business avoided approximately $90 million in expenditures on electricity through cogeneration, the process of converting ... framework and is committed to its continuous...

Ten ingredients for embedding sustainability into leadership 
(Friday - November 15, 2013) 
Source: Guardian (UK) - Today, ten years on in the global sustainability discussion and the answer is there – if you want to learn to lead better, place your leadership in the context of sustainability. Sustainability is a leadership task. It creates...

PwC Poll Shows Increasing Focus on Sustainability Factors in Dealmaking
(Thursday - November 14, 2013) 
Source: PR NewsWire - Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters are becoming increasingly important in the deal market, according to a recent poll of over 300 professionals conducted by PwC US. The poll, conducted during PwC's recent...

Walmart's Sustainability Results Don't Match Promises, Report Finds 
(Thursday - November 14, 2013) 
Source: Huff Post - Walmart, the world's largest retailer, has received positive press in recent years for its promises to go green. The company began issuing an annual Global Responsibility Report in 2005. It announced plans to slash...

BSR 2007: Designing a Sustainable Future
(Thursday - November 14, 2013) Associated Profiles :Business for Social Responsibility 
Source:  Tree Hugger - Last week San Francisco hosted the annual Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) conference for the first time since 1999. Over the past few years, we Treehuggers have witnessed a radical evolution...

Integrating Sustainability ‘Biggest Challenge for Business’
(Thursday - November 14, 2013) 
Source: Environmental Leader - Only one in five companies has fully integrated sustainability into business, according to a survey of corporate sustainability executives by nonprofit business network BSR and research consultancy GlobeScan. This year, more...

Employee engagement: a sustainability super-strategy? 
(Wednesday - November 13, 2013) 
Source: Guardian - Quick: what carbon reduction projects have the highest internal rate of return in global corporations? Transportation use? Energy efficiency? According to the recent results of the Carbon Disclosure Project, it is behavior...

Getting Over The Sustainability Innovation Hump        
(Wednesday - November 13, 2013) 
Source: Huff Post - I just read an interesting Deloitte study linking sustainability and innovation inside corporations. According to the study, companies engaged in sustainability innovate more than their competitors. At the risk of sounding....

Is 'agile leadership' the next sustainability buzz phrase?
(Tuesday - November 12, 2013) 
Source: GreenBiz - In such a quickly evolving environment, business leaders must learn to adapt and stay ahead by being agile. Agility is the new buzzword. It applies to business as well as to sustainability leadership.

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