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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 10:00am

The Top Lessons Learned To Advance Sustainability

We are enthralled with “10 steps to leadership,” “five top lessons for managers,” and “six steps to greater success” types of themes and the accompanying lessons learned.  This week we tap into the trend with our Top Story – “The Seven Steps to Sustainability.”  This is from Eco-Business, authored by Peter Lacy and colleague and co-author Yves de Boer, of the global Accenture organization.  They work in the Asia-Pacific region; the lessons learned are from the firm’s survey of 1,000 global CEOs.

The global economy is on a growth track, they write, and CEO’s acknowledge that the business community is not yet playing a “full part” in forging a sustainable future. Accenture studied the responses of respondents to gauge CEO “attitudes” toward sustainability. The study results offer the lessons for the 7 steps needed. What is needed?  We learn that from the themes for the lessons:

Realism and Context.  Growth and Differentiation.  Value and Performance. Technology and Information. Engagement and Dialogue. Advocacy and Leadership. Partnerships and Collaboration.

An important finding:  CEOs are demanding greater collaboration between business, governments and policymakers to advance sustainability -– 85% think that more efforts by the public sector to provide enabling environments will be integral to the private sector’s ability to advance sustainability.

This is a really interesting commentary for your reading.

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The seven steps to sustainability
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Sustainability in Focus

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Measuring Wealth to Track Sustainability
(Friday - June 06, 2014)
Source: World Bank - Consider this: Although most countries are on a sustainable path, nearly 45 percent of the 136 countries analyzed by the World Bank Group in its annual Little Green Data Book are depleting their "wealth" even as they show growth...

A sustainable work environment breeds a healthy, happy culture
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