Weekly Highlights July 31, 2014 Weekly Highlights July 31, 2014
Aug 12, 2014 1:40 AM ET Weekly Highlights July 31, 2014

Top Story of the Week

Missed targets: when companies fail to keep their key sustainability promises      
(Tuesday - July 22, 2014)
Source: The Guardian - When the Walt Disney Company reached out to Rainforest Action Network for help in crafting a new sustainable paper sourcing policy in 2012, the nonprofit was all ears. As the world's largest publisher of children's books and...

Sustainability in Focus

Will 2015 be the year the world agrees how to live sustainably?  
(Friday - July 25, 2014)
Source: The Conversation - Next year will be critical in environmental diplomacy. World governments will be negotiating important global agreements in two areas that will have a major impact on our well-being in coming decades, including the legal...

Sustainable Purchasing 101: Tools for Buying Greener Products
(Friday - July 25, 2014)
Source: Triple Pundit - Sustainable purchasing is an effort to buy greener, healthier, and more sustainable products from greener, more sustainable companies. It is based on the simple concept that every single purchase has hidden human health...

Corporates can lead on sustainability but there are no "good companies" yet
(Thursday - July 24, 2014)
Source: The Guardian - At the launch of Tom Levitt's new book, Welcome to GoodCo - Using the Tools of Business to Create Public Good, the nibbles were laid on by the John Lewis Partnership and ice cream came courtesy of Ben & Jerry's. So far, so...

9 key trends in corporate sustainability reporting
(Wednesday - July 23, 2014)
Source: - Nearly three-quarters of sustainability professionals ranked CSR above seven out of 10 in relation to their business objectives (with one being low and 10 being high.) Meanwhile, most organizations dedicate between $34,000 and...

Why targeting 4 human emotions is key to marketing sustainability
(Tuesday - July 22, 2014)
Source: The Guardian - While brands have been remarkably successful at feeding universal human drives, such as the desire for adventure, power or status, sustainability has not been seeing the same success in its messaging. What sustainability needs to...

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