Weekly Highlights January 8, 2014

SHQ Highlights January 8, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 10:00 AM ET Weekly Highlights January 8, 2014

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Are You Optimistic About Sustainability
As Year 2014 Begins?  Raz Is…

As the calendar pages turn, various media look back at the year closing, and forward into the year opening for business.  So, should we be optimistic…or pessimistic about 2013, in terms of sustainability progress? And what about 2014?  Raz Godelnick of Eco-Libris and various universities, shared his thoughts on the Triple Pundit platform. Raz sees five reasons why he is looking forward and upward in 2014.  Five positive trends he sees are (1) Local-the new Black; (2) More Sunlight; (3) Upping the Game; (4) Human Power; (5) Understanding How We Are Wired.  Fascinating views – take a look at our Featured Story this week.

5 Reasons to Be Optimistic about Sustainability in 2014
(Friday - December 27, 2013)
Source: Triple Pundit - This is the time of the year when you see endless summaries of 2013. The ones about sustainability can usually be characterized as a bag of mixed news, filled with both good and bad news from the past year. And it can be quite...

Sustainability in Focus

Investors want transparent sustainability reports
(Sunday - January 05, 2014) Associated Profiles : EU Social Investment Forum
Source: - The study a collaboration between the European Sustainable Investment Forum (îEurosifî) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) â shows that two thirds of...

Cooperative approaches to a sustainable future
(Sunday - January 05, 2014) Associated Profiles : Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC)
Source:  Gulf News - Diversifying the domestic energy mix in producer countries will also improve global energy supply security by freeing up more fossil fuels for export In an era of tectonic economic rebalancing toward emerging markets...

CEO, the change agent to achieve sustainability goals
(Friday - January 03, 2014)
Source: Business Standard - In a highly competitive world, the top management is not only judged for the sales performances, but also on sustainability and HSE scorecard…

Is the Sustainable Ratings EcoSystem Healthy'
(Thursday - January 02, 2014) Associated Profiles : CSRHUB
Source: - CSRHub has gathered sustainability ratings over the past six years from more than 290 different sources. This unique dataset should allow us to measure how much diversity there is...

Significant Sustainability Stories of 2013
(Thursday - January 02, 2014)
Source: Governance & Accountability Institute News Center - Stories culled from the Sustainability HQ 2013 Weekly Highlights prepared by the Governance & Accountability Institute.

New sustainability network launched for CFOs
(Tuesday - December 31, 2013)
Source: Eco-Business - The Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability Project has launched a sustainability network for chief financial officers and is looking to expand this network globally in 2014.

Getting the Most Out of Sustainability Report Interviews
(Tuesday - December 31, 2013)
Source: Triple Pundit - As a Sustainability Reporting Consultant, one of the regular, most fascinating features of our role is the gathering of information within a company about advances in sustainability performance. This often requires interviewing...

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