Weekly Highlights January 16, 2014

SHQ Highlights January 16, 2014
Jan 21, 2014 2:30 PM ET Weekly Highlights January 16, 2014

Top Story of the Week

Our top story this week is a look at the key issues in the coming corporate proxy season, as a powerful coalition of investors focus on companies and their public policy advocacy and stance on climate change. Gathering large investment interests in the coalition focused on climate change issues, the “Raising the Bar” campaign is targeting companies for engagement including ExxonMobil, AEP, Chevron, Conoco, and other firms.  The expectation:  That corporate boards will examine the activities related to public policy advocacy. That is, lobbying, directly and through surrogates such as the US Chamber of Commerce and other groups.

Because of “alarming scientific evidence” of the economic and environmental impacts of climate change, the coalition investors are concerned about the impact on their investment in the companies.  This is a muscular coalition – members include New York State Common Fund (the public retirement system) and the Treasurer’s Office of Connecticut, plus foundations and faith-based institutions.

For 20 years now, sustainable and responsible investors have focused on climate change. The “Raising the Bar” campaign expands the dialogue and presents “expectations” of the investors to the companies in focus.  This is an important story to read as the 2014 proxy season gets underway.

Investors Raise New Set of Issues with Companies About Public Policy and Climate 
(Wednesday - January 08, 2014)
Source: Walden Asset Management - Investors have engaged companies for over 20 years about climate change but this year there is a new set of shareholder resolutions challenging companies to evaluate their public policy advocacy specifically related to climate...

Sustainability in Focus

Let's be honest: real sustainability may not make business sense
(Thursday - January 09, 2014)
Source: The Guardian - Considerations such as 'what do you really care about' and 'who do you serve' should be drivers of sustainability, not profit...

Sustainability Execs Should Look to ‘Mavericks and Outsiders’
(Wednesday - January 08, 2014)
Source: Environmental Leader - Corporate sustainability professionals should reach out to “mavericks and outsiders” to find fixes to key sustainability challenges in 2014 such as food security, climate change and resource constraints, according to a Guardian...

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