Weekly Highlights February 3, 2015

Feb 4, 2015 2:00 PM ET Weekly Highlights February 3, 2015

Top Thought Leaders in Trust - 2015 Awards -GAI Chairman Hank Boerner Named Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

(Monday - February 2, 2015 - Source: Trust Across America)  Governance & Accountability Institute Chairman Hank Boerner was named to the 2015 awards list and is one of only 15 professionals named to the prestigious "Top Thought Leaders in Trust: 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners."

The Trust Awards
While there are a growing number of global "top" lists and awards, no others address trust, perhaps because the word itself presents a definitional challenge. For six-plus years TAA-TAW has been working with a team of experts to study, define and quantify organizational trust and trustworthiness.

According to Barbara Kimmel, Executive Director: "The release of this year’s list coincides with the completion of our 'official' Campaign for Trust™, an initial two-year collaborative program to build organizational trust tools, now being extended into 2015.

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Top Story of the Week

Sustainability: Not a lone journey  
(Wednesday - January 28, 2015)
Source: Eco Business - Businesses achieve their sustainability goals when they are implemented through partnerships, says a new study by MIT, Boston Consulting Group and the United Nations Global Compact.

Sustainability in Focus

Super Bowl Showcases Several Sustainability Efforts
(Friday - January 30, 2015)
Source: KJZZ Radio - The Super Bowl claims to be the most sustainability-driven championship game of all sports. But what does that mean? The NFL announced several sustainability initiatives taking place for Super Bowl activities including common...

7 Reasons to Consider a Sustainability Management Degree
(Friday - January 30, 2015)
Source: EcoWatch - Current Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MSSM) student Divya Bendre had just completed postgraduate work in Policy Studies and was working in management consulting in Singapore when she stumbled upon an article by...

The Key to Marketing Sustainability: Make It Sexy
(Thursday - January 29, 2015)
Source: Triple Pundit - Polls consistently find that people want products and services to have sustainable attributes, and they plan to buy them. Just as consistently, actual purchases don’t match up with stated intentions. There are plenty of reasons...

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