Weekly Highlights April 17, 2014 Weekly Highlights April 17, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 1:55pm

Top Story of the Week

World's Largest Investors Engage Stock Exchanges on Sustainability Reporting Standard for Companies      
(Tuesday - April 08, 2014) Associated Profiles : Investor Network on Climate Risk
Source: CNW - Sustainability advocacy group Ceres, in collaboration with BlackRock and other major institutional investors across the globe, announced an initiative to engage global stock exchanges, via the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), on a uniform standard for sustainability reporting by all exchange members.

Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability: the times they aren’t a-changing
(Thursday - April 10, 2014)
Source: Business Day Live - WE ARE at a point in our species’ history where the need for change has never been stronger. Therefore it is with some frustration that the change we require remains ever out of reach, trampled by business as usual. At every...

Lego: toy maker is exploring building blocks for sustainability
(Thursday - April 10, 2014)
Source: The Guardian - Lego's director of environmental sustainability tells of the toy's focus on eco-design and addresses circular economy challenges for the product with no end-of-life.

Johnson Controls Wins "Sustainable Product of the Year" Award
(Thursday - April 10, 2014)
Source: - A battery pack that could revolutionize vehicle energy storage will be honored Wednesday as the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s “Sustainable Product of the Year.” The 48-volt Micro Hybrid battery was...

The nuts and bolts of sustainable investment strategies
(Wednesday - April 09, 2014)
Source: GreenBiz - In the book "Green Investing: More Than Being Socially Responsible," author J. Patrick Costello offers a guide for investors wishing to make their investment portfolios sustainable; that is, investing in a manner that accounts...

The law’s role in supporting sustainable cities  
(Wednesday - April 09, 2014)
Source: News @ Northeastern - Toward the end of former Envi­ron­mental Pro­tec­tion Agency admin­is­trator Carol Browner’s eight-??year stint on the job, the EPA exam­ined the his­tory of the Clean Air Act and com­pared the costs to industry to achieve air...

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