Sambazon Warrior of Change Contest

Nationwide Call for Online Submissions by Changemakers Ends November 30, 2010
Nov 24, 2010 11:45 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. - November 24, 2010 - Sambazon, a global supplier of acai (ah-sigh-ee) and acai packaged consumer products, today launches the Warrior of Change contest as part of its Warrior Up campaign that celebrates individuals who are making positive change in their communities and empowering others to do the same.

In partnership with Off The Mat, Into The World, Sambazon will accept Warrior of Change nominations beginning today. Sambazon will award a total of $25,000 in grants to the two most qualified applicants who demonstrate the ability to most effectively make a positive impact on social and/or environmental issues through an individual project, a non-profit organization, or a triple bottom line business.

"The idea behind our new Warrior Up campaign is to share positive stories that inspire individuals to take action and make positive change in their communities," says Jeremy Black, VP Marketing at Sambazon. "The Warrior of Change Contest is a way we can provide resources to help a few people with great ideas make them a reality."

Sambazon's Warrior of Change contest will recognize Warriors in two categories. First, Individual Warriors are those who, through a personal project or partnership with a non-profit, strive to protect the planet or address social issues such as public health, poverty alleviation, and basic needs. Second, Business Warriors are those who aim to start or need additional funding for a Triple Bottom Line business that strives for social, environmental and economic success. One Individual Warrior will win a $10,000 grant on January 24th, 2011, and one Business Warrior will win a $15,000 grant on April 22, 2011.

To be considered for the Warrior of Change contest, nominees must meet the following criteria:

·         Demonstrate a strong, sustained commitment to a particular issue

·         Show how they plan to use a creative and innovative concept to impact the issue

·         Demonstrate how their project will have a concrete impact

·         Identify desired results or outcomes from their project

The contest is open for nominations from September 1 through November 30 for individual Warriors. Sambazon and Off the Mat, Into the World will select five finalists by January 5, at which point the public can vote online for their favorite Warrior from January 5 to January 21. The winner will be announced January 24, 2011. The nomination period for Business Warriors will open February 1, 2011, after the contest period closes for Individual Warriors. Nominees must be 18 years old and reside in the U.S. People can nominate themselves or others. Additional contest details can be found at


About Warrior Up:

Warrior Up is Sambazon's new multi-media campaign celebrating the individuals who make the world a better place while inspiring others to do the same. Based on the same sustainable business model that made Sambazon the market leader in organic Amazon superfood acai, Warrior Up highlights the positive social, environmental and economic change made possible by Sambazon Warriors. These warriors are athletes, entrepreneurs and social activists who have used their expertise to make an impact. Through their causes, Sambazon is looking to empower everyday warriors. We invite you to join our tribe. Make your own warrior headdress on Facebook, learn about Sambazon's Warriors and their causes, and start creating positive change in your world.


About Sambazon:

Sambazon is the global leader in acai. Founded in 2000 as the first company to bring the antioxidant-rich acai berry from the Amazon to North America, Sambazon's mission is to deliver high quality, organic acai products to the planet. Sambazon's product line of organic acai beverages, frozen products and supplements are enjoyed by world-class athletes and health-conscious consumers everywhere. Products are available at major retail stores and juice bars across North America including Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, HEB, Albertsons and Vitamin Shoppe. Sambazon is also a leader among organic foods and sustainable agriculture. In November 2006, Sambazon was named a winner of the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence for helping to create worldwide awareness and demand for the acai fruit. Sambazon pioneered the first of its kind Fair Trade and Certified Organic supply chain of acai, which benefits thousands of local families and protects the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest through sustainable agriculture. Sambazon is the largest vertically integrated supplier and marketer of acai products, controlling every step of the manufacturing process to ensure sustainable and organic origin of the fruit as well as the highest level quality, nutrition, taste. To learn more about Sambazon Acai and creating positive change in the Amazon and beyond, please visit us at