The Rise of Wealth and Income Gaps - New Hot Topic on Accountability-Central

Dec 1, 2011 1:00 PM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) December 1, 2011 - Governance & Accountability Institute's public-access website -- Accountability-Central ( --  has added a "Hot Topic" on the issues related to "The Risk of Wealth and Income Gaps." In the introduction to the new series, G&A Institute editors state:

"The issues and events represented in the broadening public discussions about ‘wealth and income disparities’ or the ‘wealth divide’ or the ‘1% and the 99%’ are top-of-mind for many people as we created this Hot Topic in October 2011.  These are certainly not new issues, but for many Americans the Great Recession is intensifying some of the troubling aspects of income inequality and certainly the obvious wealth inequality that exists in the USA today.

“The new reality of diminishing economic returns is not about income or wealth re-distribution, or pursuing socialist or left-leaning political ideologies or policies, or schemes to tax the rich. 

“What it's really about is both the reality and perception of financial fairness and equity, and equal access to economic opportunity, which many middle-class and low-to-moderate income earners now believe is no longer the American Dream for them,” say the A-C editors.  This is a potentially dangerous social condition and one that our policymakers – or the fortunate affluent and wealthy -- should not ignore.  And so Accountability Central’s new Hot Topic to further broaden the public dialogue.

For the full introductory commentary, "Hot Topic: the Risk of Wealth and Income Gaps," please click here.  Governance & Accountability Institute will be offering further commentary on this issue in a new ongoing series, "The Divide: Danger Ahead." (The first two commentaries are posted.)


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