Read Our Sustainability Report (Long Version)!

Read Our Sustainability Report (Long Version)!

How Volkswagen cares about Nature, People, and Sustainable Business

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Friday, May 16, 2014 - 12:15pm

CAMPAIGN: The New Volkswagen Sustainability Report

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If you want to know what Volkswagen Group does for ecological, social and economic sustainability, check the new Sustainability Report. Read about the new Group Environmental Strategy and its ambiitious targets. Read why are committed to a wide range of efficient, affordable and practical powertrain and fuel technologies in order to reduce climate risks. Read about how more than 40,000 engineers are working on the innovations of tomorrow with the world’s largest investor in research and development. Or about the contribution of Volkswagen accident research to road safety. Or about local value adding to regional development and economic growth.

There is even more in the Report: How our sustainability requirements are included in contracts with suppliers, how our participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative helps combat corruption and make payment flows related to raw materials more transparent, how we see compliance as a basic prerequisite for sustainable business and systematically review the integrity of potential new business partners, and how we ensure equal treatment and equal opportunities.

You can also learn about how we are exporting the successful German dual vocational training model throughout the world and how the training of employees is increasingly being based on uniform standards throughout the world and that advanced training is provided to academic standards. Of course, we offer a large number of prevention and training programs as part of holistic health management – also for older employees. And we actively seek to recruit talented female candidates and work continuously on improving the compatibility of work and family life-

That's not all - Volkswagen contributes to more than 100 CSR projects for local and national development throughout the world as a good corporate citizen and rolls out a modular toolkit strategy which makes a specific contribution to the achievement of the emissions targets.

Environmental mentors already lay the foundation for maximum fuel efficiency of new vehicles during product development and life cycle engineering analyses the environmental impact of a vehicle over its entire life cycle. See how the Group is working on solutions for the sustainable urban mobility of the future and how we continuously measure, control and improve our environmental and social performance.