Pizza Hut Celebrates World Entrepreneurs Day

Aug 21, 2023 5:35 PM ET

“I believe a passion for the problem, curiosity to try new things and a wild imagination are essential for any entrepreneur to have.”

In honour of World Entrepreneurs Day, we caught up with our latest entrepreneurs who took part in our New Founder Programme. We think their wise words are too good not to share and hope they will inspire the future generation of budding entrepreneurs embarking on their journey of innovation and leadership.

In partnership with Hatch Enterprise UK, we believe everyone, and every idea deserves a level playing field. As we are founded on entrepreneurship through our franchisee network, we joined forces with Hatch to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs in the UK - we are proud to have supported nearly 1,000 of them grow their businesses so far. We are passionate about The New Founder Programme as we know the importance of building sustainable enterprises that contribute positively to communities.

Behind every successful business is someone who faced countless obstacles and stayed on track with determination to turn vision into reality and today is all about celebrating them!

Find out more about our New Founder Programme here.