Not Much Time? Here's Sustainability@Volkswagen at a Glance!

Not Much Time? Here's Sustainability@Volkswagen at a Glance!

Summary of the 2013 Sustainability Report

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Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn and Bernd Osterloh present the new sustainability report of the Volkswagen Group.

Cover of Volkswagen's Sustainability Report Summary

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: The New Volkswagen Sustainability Report

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Prepared for the future. That's how we operate. As one of the world's biggest automakers, the Volkswagen Group bears a special responsibility for tomorrow. Our strategy reconciles growth with environmental protection and our responsibility for our employees and for society. Profitability, fascination and sustainability are the core elements of our Group goals for 2018. Achieving these goals calls for a responsible, long-term management approach that creates value for the Company and for society. Read about what progress we are making in the new short version of our Sustainability Report 2013.

Browse at ease through the full report available on our microsite with direct links to all chapters, download and order service, video and interactive project map