Meet the Scholars: Celebrating Outstanding Recipients of the 2024 Live Más Scholarship

Jun 10, 2024 9:30 AM ET

Taco Bell blog

For nine years, the Taco Bell Foundation has fueled students’ boldest ambitions to create good through the Live Más Scholarship, a program rooted in the belief that our youth hold the key to the future. By providing transformative scholarships, valuable networking platforms, and professional development resources, we’re simply adding to the fervor that’s already burning bright in these students. Change starts with them – read on to discover the unique stories of five 2024 Live Más Scholarship recipients who are truly making a difference.

Axel O. – Incoming Freshman, Las Vegas, NV

Axel’s profound connection to mariachi music is more than a hobby; it’s a heartfelt tribute to his heritage. As the Student Director of the acclaimed Mariachi Joya of Las Vegas High School, he’s set to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas and join their first cohort of the Mariachi Education Program. Having performed at the Grammys and the White House, Axel is committed to sharing the enrichment that mariachi has brought to his life. 

Tallulah M. – Incoming Freshman, Omaha, NE

Tallulah juggles roles as a photographer, community volunteer, athlete, and an aspiring trauma surgeon. Her dedication as a soccer goalkeeper has fueled her desire to enter the medical profession, drawing parallels between the decisive nature of both fields. Raised in a Hispanic community, she observed the rarity of Latina surgeons and is determined to prove that big dreams are attainable. With plans for pre-med at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Tallulah aims to continue her hospital volunteer work and nurture her photographic artistry.

Ritisha L. – Incoming Freshman, Atlanta, GA

Ritisha’s zeal for neuroscience has propelled her to champion mental health awareness. Her volunteer work ranges from providing companionship at a hospice to supporting a suicide prevention hotline. She has also shared her insights on mental health technologies through a TEDx talk. Ritisha is continuing her education at Emory University, determined to deepen her impact by conducting research and furthering the dialogue on mental health and suicide prevention. 

Gracie S. – Incoming Freshman, Perris, CA

Inspired by athletics from a young age, Gracie founded the nonprofit ‘Girls on the Mound’ to support young women navigating the male-dominated sports business industry. Gracie is a Taco Bell team member and received a once in a lifetime surprise from her sports idol Davante Adams when the wide receiver surprised her with the scholarship at his Las Vegas football camp in April. Gracie aspires to further her education in business management and marketing, while also breaking barriers for women passionate about sports.

Ethan C. – Incoming Junior, Garden Grove, CA

Ethan is a passionate storyteller studying Film Production at Chapman University. Growing up in a multicultural household, he developed a keen eye for untold stories in everyday life. From personal family documentaries to a film shedding light on racial injustice, his broad scope of work aims to share narratives other than just his own.

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