Mars, Inc., Associate Lauren Belomy Featured in New York Times' Vocations

Lauren Belomy works for Mars, Inc., in New York. “My job,” she said, “is to help move the company forward in a world that’s digital.”
Sep 25, 2018 10:00 AM ET

Using Digital Tools to Move a Candy Company Into the Future

Lauren Belomy, a Digital Transformation Associate, who works for Mars, Inc., describes her roles as helping the company to move forward in a world that's ditial. 

We're a traditional manufacturing company, and we need to be ready for the future, she explains in this week's Vocations column of The New York Times.

Lauren continues, stating: "I consider what opportunities the future will present, how we can best react and how we'll make decisions about them. I explore the ways in which we can take advantage of new technologies and tools, such as artificial intelligence; how we should experiment; and whether we are even looking at the right problems."

Read more about Lauren's unique role and the innovative work she is doing with Mars to transform the business via The New York Times.