KFC Thailand and the Equal Education FundLaunch Successful Bucket Search Orientations To Tackle Educational Inequality

Feb 15, 2024 10:00 AM ET


We're cheering on KFC Thailand and the Equal Education Fund (EEF) for two successful orientation sessions for the Bucket Search program! 

Funded by Yum! Brands' Unlocking Opportunity Initiative, Bucket Search addresses educational inequality by increasing access to personal and professional development for youth, tailored to their unique skills and interests. 

During orientation, participants build confidence through character building and life mapping activities while exploring career opportunities with industry professionals. Learning more about pathways into mixology, digital entrepreneurship, hairdressing, and of course the world of KFC, inspired Bucket Search participants on their journeys to be their best selves. 

And, it keeps getting better. After orientation, participants are matched with mentors and supported in vocational learning. Keep up the great work, KFC Thailand!