KFC France Launches New CSR Report

Jan 13, 2014 9:30 AM ET

Le Pact Responsable KFC

KFC France has posted its first corporate social responsibility report online, detailing the company's actions to ensure that all stakeholders benefit as its business grows. The report went live on the KFC France website earlier this week. "This site represents the beginning of a journey," said Susan Marro, public affairs & communications director, KFC France. "By organizing our roadmap for sustainable development in this way, we publicly commit to continuing our action and regularly making progress." The report is organized around the four commitments that reflect KFC's vision and values:

  • Promote people development and build on the company's growth​ in France to create jobs.
  • Guarantee food quality and improve nutrition while maintaining taste and choices.
  • Affirm KFC's citizenship through support of the World Food Programme, as well as ​a national charity to fight against hunger in France.
  • Reduce KFC's environmental footprint. Following its success in designing and constructing the eco-friendly Orléans Olivet restaurant, KFC will roll out measu​res in its new restaurants to reduce energy and water consumption.

"This web site demonstrates our progress on the road to sustainable, responsible growth," said Ségolène Defline, market director, KFC France.

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