At K-C Argentina, Sustainable Management is Based on Innovation, Quality and Service to Communities

In its eighth Sustainability Report, the company accounts for its sustainability strategy focused on three pillars: People, Planet and Products.
May 11, 2016 10:30 AM ET

K-C Argentina has published its Sustainability Report which provides an overview of its economic, social and environmental performance from January to December 2015.
“Today, sustainability at K-C covers both economic growth and constant innovation of new categories and products, as well as the positive impact on the community and the environment”, explained Pablo Latrónico, Vice President of K-C LAO-Región AUSTRAL.
Strongly committed to the country social and economic development, 71% of company purchases were made through local suppliers who represent 89% of the total amount, thus ensuring the quality, price, service and reliability of company products.
Regarding social and environmental issues and guided by Vision 2022, the year of K-C’s 150th anniversary, the company focuses on sanitation and health programs for children and adults in need, as well as innovation projects to extend useful life of products and post-consumer packaging.
The report includes 23 new indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines, "comprehensive" option, and complies with the ISO 26000: 2010 International Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility. The document portrays the business strategy in all business dimensions and in its management practices through three pillars: People, Planet and Products.

“Based on such legacy, and faithful to our intention to offer essentials for a better life, we know that our commitment to sustainability is not only to our consumers but to the whole planet.  Sustainability has been incorporated as a value to define both the type of company we are today and the type of company we would like to be”, says Fernando Hofmann, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs K-C LAO-Región Austral.

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