How This Sustainable Yarn System Is Changing the Flooring Industry

Mohawk Group’s New Heathered Hues Yarn System for Better Products and a Better World
Jul 23, 2018 4:05 PM ET

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We know how to spin a yarn. After all, woven is in our roots, tracing back to the opening of our first woven mill in 1928. Nearly a century later we’re still developing innovative new products, and this year we are proud to introduce everyone to Heathered Hues, our new sustainable high-performance color yarn system developed to give our soft surface products a more natural and variegated, wool-like effect.

Heathered Hues is a game changer for the flooring industry. It was a big hit at NeoCon this year, recognized with a Best of NeoCon Gold Award in the Carpet Fiber category. Even the Heathered Hues display garnered a great deal of attention in our Chicago showroom! Highlighting skeins in each of the beautiful new colorways along with yarn art that spelled out “Believe in Color”, it quickly became a favored photo spot for colorful selfies.

Especially Suited for Biophilic Design

The tricolored yarn blends readily within patterns, lending a softer edge to design elements while also adding visual texture and dimension. “Our entire product line was revolutionized overnight,” says Mark Page, senior director of design and development at Mohawk Group. The new yarn results in warm and sophisticated soft surface products for contract interiors, and it is especially suited for biophilic design.

How does a designer go about choosing a color palette that will meet the various needs of contract design? We asked our design team about the process.

“The color choices for this yarn were very thoroughly researched around the world,” explained Jackie Dettmar, VP of design and product development for Mohawk Group. “And we were really trying to round out the color palette to satisfy a lot of different needs in the interiors market.”

More than six months were spent thoughtfully developing the vivid color palette. The team focused a great deal on ensuring the new yarns incorporated the most up-to-date neutrals, especially the perfect grays. The full color line includes both warm and cool neutrals with several vibrant color accents.

Heathered Hues is Designed for High Performance

Of course, as with all our products, quality is built in. Available in both Duracolor and ColorStrand technologies, Heathered Hues is solution dyed and engineered for high performance. Products made with the variegated yarns are constructed to address the unique challenges and opportunities in interiors across all market segments for any size project or budget.

A Highly Sustainable Yarn System For Commercial Interiors

In keeping with Mohawk Group’s Believe in Better commitment, Heathered Hues is also highly sustainable. Designed to do more with less, the yarn is dematerialized for a low environmental impact, and no water is used for production.

Finer Heathered Hues yarns are used for high performance at lower weights and our direct tuft technology minimizes energy and carbon dioxide impacts while also making the fiber easy to recycle. So specifying Heathered Hues can help to fulfill requirements for green certifications, such as LEED.

It’s that sustainable aspect that makes the new yarn perfect our new line of Living Products, which have achieved Petal Certification. Beginning last year with Lichen and in our latest collections Nutopia, Nutopia Matrix and Sunweave, Heathered Hues contributes to the requirements for Living Product Challenge Petal Certification, a designation that ensures the products contribute more to the environment than they take.

Watch this behind-the-scenes look at our new sustainable yarn system and see why Heathered Hues is quickly becoming beloved in contract interiors.

Learn more about our latest group of Living Products made from this award-winning yarn, and see for yourself just how beautiful believing in better can be.