How to Start a Volunteer Program (at work) - Inc. Magazine

Jun 11, 2010 2:05 PM ET

Realized Worth helps companies connect with their communities. We do this through corporate volunteering and social media. Together these 2 elements give companies the power and relevance of action and dialogue; involvement and storytelling; "the walk and the talk."

Recently, we had a chance to talk with Issie Lapowsky at Inc. Magazine about "How to Start a Volunteer Program." There are a few basic ideas every organization ought to have in mind as they embark on this adventure such as the advice Nikki Korn from Cause Consulting gives: "Start with what you want to accomplish," Korn says. "You don't have to build a gym to change a school, but you do need to be respectful in pairing what you have with the organization's needs." 

Read more from me (Chris Jarvis), Nikki Korn, Erika Edwards from LUSH cosmetics, Liz Brenna from Ben and Jerry's and more here: Inc. Magazine: How to Start a Volunteer Program.