How Socially & Environmentally Focused Business Collaboration Builds A New Kind of Social Security

Jun 25, 2013 10:00 AM ET

The Daily Adventure: How Socially & Environmentally Focused Business Collaborat…

The Adventure Capitalists were recently featured in InnovatingSMART’s May newsletter. We were called, “a company dedicated to the promotion of innovations, ideas and designs devoted to building a sustainable planet”. In the interview prompted by Sue Lebeck of InnovatingSMART at the Green Biz forum in March 2013 in San Francisco, we got to share not only our story, but also the incredible collaboration being afforded to companies by our partner PowerfulME.

As small and medium sized companies “hold hands” with other small and medium sized companies we, as the public, get to experience their collective voice and impact on social and environmental issues and standards affecting our nation’s health, homes, air, water, and food options. There is tremendous importance and a growing awareness towards collaboration and transparency. Companies that understand this and can work together will ultimately improve the quality of our lives. Why? Because they are thinking long term, they are considering the life cycle of their products, and they are considering the multiplier effects that their products have on us and the natural environment – from manufacturing to digestion to disposal.

We all know “good” companies and products exist in the marketplace – the problem is how do we know which companies and products are actually doing good?

That’s where our partner, PowerfulME steps in. They have created an easily accessible, and not to mention free, app that puts the control back in to the consumers hands when it comes to purchasing products and commodities on the market. How? Collaboration. Through collective input, shared knowledge, and a UPC code based database of companies and products, PowerfulME allows users to support conscientious companies they choose while promoting greener, more humane livelihoods for the entire supply chain. So whether you are gluten-free or anti-GMO, the app can guide you towards products that fit your lifestyle.

The key to the success of this app is growing the user population…again, collaboration. The more that it is used, the more information will be available to the other users (think a web of knowledge). It works for the empowerment of progressive companies as a whole. Our dollars support their existence and market share. Their market share squeezes the bullshitters out of the marketplace.

Just like the app, the key to the success of triple bottom line companies and those driven by corporate social responsibility practices is collaboration. The Adventure Capitalists firmly believe that now more than ever we must take a step back from the rat race so strongly embedded within society and take time to reach out to and support those likeminded individuals that hold true to values aligned with our own.

So often our culture awards individual achievement. “What has she done,” and “how much money does he make?” But what about “us,” and “we,” and “our.” Let us not forget about the power of collaboration. So go ahead, download the PowerfulME app and check out what’s new at InnovatingSMART. And send us your good news of positive collaboration: