H&M Weaves Product Take-Back Program into New Denim Line

Jan 27, 2014 10:15 AM ET

Prove Your Purpose

Fashion-giant H&M is bringing new meaning to its clothing collection and recycling efforts through its newest line of clothing hitting stores in February. This week, H&M announced a "Capsule Collection" line featuring five new denim pieces using fibers from its Garment Collecting program. Currently, 20 percent of the cotton in each clothing article will be made from recycled fibers, with the goal to increase recycled fiber usage without compromising quality as technology in the area accelerates.

Coming just one year after H&M started the in-store recycling program in all of its 53 markets, the company is putting the 7.7 million pounds of used clothing collected to good use. Now, not only can consumers see the impact of their efforts through the clothing available in-store, they can also track local clothing collection progress on a website created by H&M and Charity Star.

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