GSK Releases Impact Report, Highlighting the Triple Bottom-Line Impact of Volunteering

Oct 4, 2017 3:10 PM ET

GSK releases Impact Report, highlighting the triple bottom-line impact of volun…

To mark the beginning of our Global Month of Volunteering in October, GSK released our PULSE and Global Volunteering Annual Impact Report, which showcases stories and data on the triple bottom-line of volunteering: impact on communities, employees, and the business. 

Highlights include:

  • Celebrating the 100+ volunteers who have worked with Save the Children since 2009, in more than 35 countries across the world
  • Collaborating with SAP and Partners in Health to jointly create sustainable change in Rwanda
  • Learning about trust, courage, and culture from the firsthand experiences of volunteers in Vietnam

At GSK, we are committed to extending volunteering opportunities to bring about positive change to communities and global health while providing individual development. Our two flagship volunteering programmes – PULSE and Orange Days – give our employees distinct opportunities to offer their time and talent to benefit the communities.

The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is a skills-based opportunity where eligible employees are matched with a non-profit/non-governmental organisation (NGO) for three or six months full-time, sharing their skills and knowledge to address health and education challenges at home and abroad.  Since 2009, PULSE contributed a total £22 million worth of skilled services to NGOs across the world. On the other hand, the Orange Day scheme gives all employees one paid day off each year to make a difference for their chosen local community project. Employees often do their Orange Days in teams to support a myriad of activities, from cleaning up community parks to mentoring school students.

Learn how the company is creating sustainable change through volunteering in the latest report.