GFNorte Strengthens Its Brand

GFNorte Strengthens Its Brand


  • In 2015 Grupo Financiero Banorte renewed its brand
  • Ixe became Banorte’s preferential banking bank
  • According to Millward Brown, Interbrand and Brand Finance, Banorte is one of the most important Mexican brands globally and the best Mexican brand in the financial sector with a value of over $2.2 billion US dollars.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 9:00am

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June 1, 2016 /3BL Media/ - For Grupo Financiero Banorte, 2015 was a year of evolution for its brand, strengthening both its overall image and the business model built by the financial institution over decades as the “Strong Bank of Mexico”.

The renewal of its image seeks to position to GFNorte as a modern, innovative Mexican financial institution and with a wide projection towards the future.  

As part of the process to improve its image, Ixe was reborn as Banorte’s preferential banking bank to differentiate the preferred segment. 

At the same time, a digital strategy was conceived aimed at strengthening contact with current and potential customers, media, authorities of the sector, the general public and other stakeholders, which allows the institution to:

  • Improve customer experience by offering new service channels
  • Promote sales through digital campaigns
  • Reflect and strengthen GFNorte’s good reputation
  • Carry out transactions through social media

There will be external social networks (two Twitter accounts and a Facebook account) and internal networks (using the institution’s intranet). Banorte and Ixe will be differential in social networks, since their targeted customers are different.

The institution’s website was also redesigned to transform it into an intuitive portal that provides the best browsing experience and an application for mobile devices for discounts and promotions was developed, which provides the greatest benefits.

Also, Banorte digital banking provides customers the freedom to conduct their banking transactions securely from wherever they may be. This is a tool that will promote an increasing relationship with the customer.

The evolution of GFNorte’s image is part of its corporate strategy, which seeks to become the best financial group in Mexico and for Mexicans.

For more information please refer to the GFNorte 2015 Annual Report at: and