Georgia-Pacific: Working Forests - Responsible Sourcing

Jan 19, 2022 8:20 AM ET
Looking at trees

Take a virtual walk through a working forest, experience responsible harvesting practices, and learn more about how GP is committed to sustainable forestry practices. 

Georgia-Pacific is committed to only sourcing from sustainable, legal and responsible sources.

• Over 90% Grown in the USA : In aggregate, over 90% of the fresh fiber in our products is grown in the United States, where robust laws exist to protect the forest, air, water, and wildlife.

• Our Suppliers Care: The majority of our fiber is from private and family forest owners who have a legacy of responsible stewardship. As a result, U.S. forest growth has exceeded harvest since the 1950s.

• Going Further: For all purchases, including the forest materials sourced outside the U.S., we take additional steps to help ensure the fiber we receive is legal, sustainable, and incorporates social consideration. Such as:

GP’s Due Diligence System:

• Building relationships with our suppliers and visiting the regions where they source fiber

• Incorporating social and environmental expectations into contracts

• Evaluating risks and public concerns about regional practices

GP’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Fiber Sourcing Certification

For our fresh fiber originating in the U.S., this certification confirms harvesting practices

• Protected water quality

• Respected biodiversity

• Avoided controversial sources

• Used trained harvesting professionals

Chain of Custody Certification

GP holds chain of custody certifications from SFI®, Forest Stewardship Council®, and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification® at many of our locations.

Controlled Wood Risk Assessment

GP sources fiber in a manner to avoid and/or mitigate the risk of:

• Harvesting in high conservation-value forests

• Conversion to plantations, or areas of non-forest use

• Illegal harvesting • Violating traditional and civil rights, and

• Using genetically modified trees

Learn more about Georgia-Pacific's Environmental and Sustainability work in their 2021 Stewardship Report