Georgia-Pacific: Sustainable Outcomes That Benefit Society

A message from John Mulcahy, Vice President, Stewardship, Georgia-Pacific
Jan 12, 2022 8:10 AM ET

The role of business in society is to help people improve their lives by providing products and services they value more highly than their alternatives, and to do so responsibly while consuming fewer resources. Georgia-Pacific (GP) has been helping people improve their lives for almost a century, providing solutions that create shelter, improve hygiene, offer convenience, extend shelf life, and protect goods in transit. We have been and continue to be an important part of the communities in which we operate, providing good jobs, and contributing to prosperity through our economic activity and the engagement of our company and employees in civic and philanthropic activities. At GP, stewardship encompasses the responsible management of our actions and the resources entrusted to our care in a manner that respects the rights of others. Our focus is to make progress daily, improving performance by living a principle of stewardship, embracing creative destruction, improving efficiencies, eliminating waste, finding new ways of meeting needs, and driving conservation activities that leave more resources available to satisfy other needs in society. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Learn more about Georgia-Pacific's Environmental and Sustainability work in their 2021 Stewardship Report