G&A Institute Update (Issue 6, January 2012) -- US Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Reporting

Jan 27, 2012 11:00 AM ET

G&A Institute Update (Issue 6, January 2012) -- US Corporate Sustainability & R…



Update: US Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Reporting

Issue #6 Headlines |January 2012

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From small beginnings, US companies have dramatically stepped up their disclosure practices and formalized reporting on sustainability and responsibility strategies, goals, performance, and achievements.

A growing number of shareholders are keenly interested in these disclosures. So are key stakeholders including employees, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, and others. The influential parties shaping access to capital, setting market valuations, and shaping reputations of US companies, are the primary audience for these reports.

In this Update newsletter you’ll find news, perspectives and results of our monitoring, trendwatching and corporate reporting analysis

We invite you to read the Update contents – news you can use about corporate S&R transparency and reporting that is shaping investor and stakeholder perception in the “new normal” of the capital markets.

- The G&A Institute Team

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Governance & Accountability Institute is the “Sustainability Headquarters™” for clients in the corporate, investment, public and social sectors.  The G&A team provides research, monitoring, advisory and strategic information resources to clients in the corporate, investment, public and social sectors.

G&A Institute closely monitors the sustainability, responsibility, environmental, citizenship, and other similarly-titled reporting of US domestic corporations and the US-based subsidiaries of non-US companies.  We also monitor reports of trade and professional associations, non-profits, the public sector, professional practices, and colleges & universities.

G&A Institute is the USA Data Partner of the GRI We monitor, receive, collect, analyze, and database the US corporate (and institutional) reports and make these publicly availableG&A Institute is the Data Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the United States.

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