Financial Brands Asked For Higher Donation Amounts Than Others; First Ever Financial Industry Only Analysis Of Latest Sponsorium Report

Financial Brands Asked For Higher Donation Amounts Than Others; First Ever Financial Industry Only Analysis Of Latest Sponsorium Report

Monthly View into Actual Sponsorship/Community Investment Data from Hundreds of Brands

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Average donation amounts requested of both Financial and non-Financial brands in the most popular giving sectors, based on volume of requests.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 4:45pm

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MONTREAL, OCTOBER 30, 2013 /3BL Media/ – The Financial industry has an extensive history in sponsorship and community investment, with a perception that potentially deserves re-examining. Data reviewed in this month’s SPONSORIUM Report stems exclusively from Financial brands and uncovers perhaps a new story. Financial companies, on average, saw 9% higher requested amounts for philanthropic donations than non-Financial industry brands among the most popular giving sectors.

The Report, published monthly by SPONSORIUM International, the world’s leading Sponsorship and Community Investment management software provider, also measures more commercial sponsorship. Here other interesting storylines emerge, especially within Sports where the October edition reveals a sharply reducing average Rights Fees being paid by Financial brands over the last three years, to a projected $706,086 average for 2013.

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes data and insights globally, as well as regionally for many countries including the United States, Europe, and Canada, to improve benchmarking ability in the Sponsorship and Community Investment industries.

In an effort to better serve companies, their agency partners and the groups they support, the Report’s recent move to a monthly format allows for more timely analysis and regular content for those benchmarking purposes.

Also highlighted in today’s Report for October is a measurement breakdown of how well Financial brands meet their corporate objectives in Sponsorship and Community Investment, compared to other industries.

Experts from the field, either in Sponsorship and Marketing or Community Investment and Corporate Citizenship are often quoted in the Report to provide additional reaction to the data SPONSORIUM aggregates.

October’s Report uses data collected from the current year – nearly 35,000 opportunities and partnerships all taking place between January and June (2013), in 145 different countries. The data is collected from the PerforMind™ platform, which over 250 brands around the world rely on to track and evaluate their own Sponsorship, CSR and Community Investment activities.

The results presented are global, however SPONSORIUM has the ability to drill down to any market or other industry (ie. Retail) upon request.

"The SPONSORIUM Report answers a real need for global brands; to benchmark against what others are doing in the industry. This in turn invigorates them to improve Sponsorship and Community Investment performance which of course is good for economic and social growth.” said Paul Pednault, Founder and President of SPONSORIUM.

“This month’s view into a specific industry is groundbreaking. Financial brands have always made up a large percentage of the sponsorship industry, but now this data can detail how much as well as the figures and costs associated with that share. We’re looking at real-time data from the current year, so projections are a part of this too, which is really helpful to brands,” said Seth Leeds, Editor of the SPONSORIUM Report.

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes monthly, and is available for download via the website:


SPONSORIUM provides Sponsorship and Community Investment Management systems to brands in more than 35 countries. The PerforMind™ platform allows corporations to efficiently and consistently evaluate, manage and report on upcoming and current partnerships. SPONSORIUM empowers industry professionals to dedicate their time to improving partnerships and enriching communities through value-added tasks, not clerical work.

SPONSORIUM is independent from consulting. It is privately funded, product-oriented and focuses on knowledge transfer. SPONSORIUM has invested more than any other in research and development and offers the ultimate online management solution for engaging in sponsorship and corporate citizenship. Its PerforMind™ tool is constantly evolving as result of suggestions brought up by its elite network of users from around the world.


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