Education Attracting More Brand Partnerships

Key Learnings from SPONSORIUM London Forum
Jun 2, 2015 5:00 PM ET

Speakers at the 2nd Sponsorium London Forum last week, shared further examples of how important Learning Environments are to the objectives of Corporate Sponsorship and Community Investment Partnerships. All speakers including British Gas, DP World, RBS, Nordea Bank and Swisscom, together with an audience of a further 20 brands, shared this common theme. The first was to continue to develop Child and Youth projects in Literacy and Numeracy. The second was to bring this alive in real-life working environments.

The project Me&MyCity which recently won the 2014 World Innovation Award for Education is a very good example of the type of projects that are inviting brands to participate with them to create a real life scenario for children. Such projects of course do not bring a partner ROI, but with the right criteria it is possible to see how partnering brands do achieve a Return on Objectives or ROO.