European Brand Data Revealed in Newly Redesigned SPONSORIUM Report

Community Investment and Sponsorship Data Aggregated from Software Used by Hundreds of Brands
May 6, 2014 5:05 PM ET

MONTREAL, May 6, 2014 /3BL Media/ – The number of Community Investment activities tracked and managed by European brands increased 24% during the last year. That is a substantial increase yet the corporate market will continue to expand its focus on the philanthropic engagement. This glaring statistic is just one of the highlights uncovered in the latest, and freshly redesigned, SPONSORIUM Report.

Now in monthly infographic style, the Report, which also has a Sponsorship edition, is published by SPONSORIUM International, the world’s first and leading Sponsorship and Community Investment management software provider. Topics vary each month, and for the April report, drill-down into the data from Europe.  Average donation amounts are also shared equaling $20,020 (within the most popular fee group, those activities valued between $1,000 and $100,000).

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes data and insights globally, as well as regionally for many countries including the United States and Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, to improve benchmarking ability in the Sponsorship and Community Investment industries.

Additional insights from the special drilled-down version of the report (Sponsorship edition) include how well European brands’ Sponsorship objectives are met within each sector/focus area. SPONSORIUM measures this on a 1,000 point scale. Europe’s users of the PerforMind software saw three-year, double-digit increases of their objectives being met in both the Arts (11%) and Tourist Attractions (16%) sponsorships.

Experts from the field, either in Sponsorship and Marketing or Community Investment and Corporate Citizenship are often quoted in the Report to provide additional reaction to the data SPONSORIUM aggregates.

The April edition of the Report uses data collected from throughout the previous year – over 50,000 opportunities and partnerships in all taking place (in 2013), in 145 different countries. The data is collected from the PerforMind™ software, which over 250 brands around the world rely on to track and evaluate their own Sponsorship and Community Investment and activities.

"The more modern, new and interactive look of the SPONSORIUM Report creates a dynamic way for readers to engage with the actual data and analysis. These are easily sharable statistics and insights that brands can benchmark against,” said Paul Pednault, Founder and President of SPONSORIUM.

“Providing market specific data, especially for one as complex as Europe, when it comes to Community Investment and Sponsorship is providing an international service for brands to improve performance and learn from the industry,” said Seth Leeds, Editor of the SPONSORIUM Report.

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes monthly, and is available for free interactivity via the website or found in the Reports & Statistics area of the PerforMind™ software.

The April Report will be discussed in-depth at the upcoming London SPONSORIUM Forum, held on May 19. For additional information, and to register, click here.


SPONSORIUM provides online Sponsorship and Community Investment Management software to brands in more than 50 countries. The PerforMind™ system allows corporations to efficiently and consistently evaluate, manage and report on upcoming and current partnerships. SPONSORIUM empowers industry professionals to dedicate their time to improving partnerships and enriching communities through value-added tasks. “Freeing their hands, inspiring their heads,” as Founder Paul Pednault puts it.

SPONSORIUM is independent from consulting. It is privately funded, product-oriented and focuses on knowledge transfer. SPONSORIUM has invested more than any other in research and development and offers the ultimate online management software for engaging in sponsorship and corporate citizenship. Its PerforMind™ tool has been peer reviewed and improved since 1994.