Engineering and Construction Companies Employing Over 400,000 Launch Global Principles on Worker Welfare

Jun 27, 2018 8:45 AM ET

LONDON, June 27, 2018  /3BL Media/ — A group of the world’s leading engineering and construction companies have launched the Building Responsibly Worker Welfare Principles to promote the rights and welfare of workers across the industry.

Developed through the Building Responsibly business coalition, the 10 Principles establish a common, global baseline for the treatment of workers in the engineering and construction industry.  

Building Responsibly’s Worker Welfare Principles were developed by its members, who include Bechtel, Fluor, Multiplex, Vinci, and Wood. Together, Building Responsibly members employ over 400,000 people and operate in more than 100 countries.

Through the 10 Principles, companies advance a global worker welfare standard in which:

  1. Workers Are Treated with Dignity, Respect, and Fairness
  2. Workers Are Free from Forced, Trafficked, and Child Labour
  3. Working Conditions Are Safe and Healthy
  4. Living Conditions Are Safe, Clean, and Habitable
  5. Recruitment Practices Are Ethical, Legal, Voluntary, and Free from Discrimination
  6. Access to Documentation and Mobility Is Unrestricted
  7. Freedom to Change Employment Is Respected
  8. Wage and Benefit Agreements Are Respected
  9. Worker Representation Is Respected
  10. Grievance Mechanisms Are Readily Available

Companies will work to implement the Principles via a risk-based approach, with an emphasis on commitments from leadership, contractor and supply chain oversight, training, transparent reporting mechanisms, and stakeholder engagement.

Angie Farrag-Thibault, Director of Collaboration at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), which facilitates the Building Responsibly coalition, commented: “This is a landmark moment for the engineering and construction industry, with global powerhouses coming together to establish a common baseline and take action on worker welfare. The market power and influence of these companies collectively promoting the welfare of workers will help drive systemic change to improve the lives and well-being of workers around the world. We encourage other industry actors throughout the value chain to be inspired by the leadership being demonstrated by these companies today, and support collaboration to implement the Principles so that they reach even more workers tomorrow.” 

Dominic Kotas
Associate, Communications and Marketing, BSR

About Building Responsibly

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