Elegant Roots Gains Green America's Seal of Approval

Elegant Roots Gains Green America's Seal of Approval


ElegantRoots.com is a gift boutique that promotes social justice and eco-consciousness by offering the high-style creations of socially responsible artisans and designers.

We make it Personal by telling the Story of every artisan/designer as well as the product and the vision for People and Planet that it reflects. Elegant Roots supports the transparency movement; we inform so purchases may be aligned with values.

Buy less but buy better. Make it meaningful.

And we deliver it all exquisite, eco-conscious gift wrap.


Monday, February 8, 2010 - 3:30pm


Elegant Roots is proud to announce that its application to the Green America's Green Business Network has been approved, placing ElegRoo among "progressive business leaders who are solving today’s tough social and environmental problems."

What does it mean to receive Green America's application approval? "Members of Green Business Network™ at Green America* have made extraordinary commitments to fair treatment of their employees and workers in their supply chain, promoting healthy communities where they do business, preserving the environment, and delivering quality products to their costumers. To recognize [these] commitments and accomplishments as a green business, Green America has created our Green Business Seal of Approval. This seal signals that [ElegRoo] ha[s] passed Green America’s screening process and ha[s] been admitted as an approved green business to our Green Business Network™."

Elegant Roots now proudly displays the Green Business Seal of Approval.
And Elegant Roots listing now appears at GreenPages.org  and in the 2011 National Green Pages (due out in the fall of 2010).

Green America's Review Committee "commend[ed] Elegant Roots on the quality of information [it] share[s] with customers on ElegantRoots.com! From a committee reviewing hundreds of businesses, such recognition of ElegRoo's practice of transparency and "our four Ws" is particularly gratifying.

The members of the committee have encouraged ElegRoo to create two additional categories: Fair Trade products and Made in the USA products. "Often consumers are looking for or give priority to these products."

We have taken their advice and have created a Made in USA category. While we were at it, we created Made in Africa and Made in Israel categories. We'd love to hear what our customers think about the appeal and usefulness of a Fair Trade category and of other geographical categories: Made in Latin America; Made in Asia, etc. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment at the Elegant Roots blog.