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ElegantRoots, a social business committed to opening the American market to artisan goods -- supporting traditional arts to preserve traditional lifestyles -- teams up with the not-for-profit Turquoise Mountain which is creating artist coops in Kabul in order to revive the traditonal arts of...
ElegantRoots.com delivers gifts as meaningful as the giving sentiment by helping people find eco and socially responsible gifts. An Elegant notion. We make it personal with Story and Transparency. Our Roots.
Elegant Roots, an online boutique offering eco-conscious and fair trade jewely, accessories and home furnishings is changing to better serve its mission -- to create markets for "green" artisans from around the world, to promote transparency, and to promote traditional arts by bringing...
From ElegantRoots.com offers a periodic commentary on a subject broadly within social responsibility based on the phrase, Is it just me, or is it ...?


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