Help Put Ganzorig Microloan Over the Top

ElegRoo Funds a Microloan
Sep 15, 2010 7:00 PM ET

ElegRoo Blog

ElegRoo just made a $25 loan through Kiva toward the microloan request of Mr. Ganzorig Dondogperenlei of the Hentiy province in central Mongolia.

Ganzorig is 47 years old and lives with his wife and three children. His oldest two children currently attend university, and his youngest daughter studies at a local secondary school. His wife works as a construction decorator during the summer.

Ganzorig operates a small wood production business in his town. He started his wood products business in 2002. By managing and conducting his business successfully he has been able to achieve stable operations. His earnings have enabled him to support his entire family, including supporting his children's education. He has operated his business sustainably.

Kiva describes him as "a helpful, honest and hardworking person" who "dreams of opening his own wood production workplace" after providing for his children's education.

He is requesting a 740,000 MNT ($575) loan to buy more wooden timber for his business. Already people have loaned $325 -- so Ganzorig's request has only $250 to go.

Consider loaning Ganzorig $25 -- yours might be the amount that puts his loan request over the top, completing it.

The concept of microloans is that people who cannot otherwise access any credit systems because of having no collateral will raise themselves out of poverty through these loans. The borrowers repay these loans at an enormously high rate -- 99%!!

Make a difference in someone's life. Fund a loan with as little as $25. We think Ganzorig is a great choice and there are many others to help. You can even create a gift certificate so that a friend or family member can choose which loan request to help fund.

Do it now. You'll be glad you did!