Elegant Roots offers The 46664 Bangle. In support of the 46664 campaign of the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Social Biz Offers The 46664 Bangle on a Not-For-Profit Basis
Nov 23, 2010 10:00 AM ET

ElegRoo blog

The 46664 Bangle design is striking and uplifting; the epitome of Style and Relevance.

We all know, (or we should), of the extraordinary man named Nelson Mandela and his remarkable historic journey from decades-long political-imprisonment to having received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, having become President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and to having led South Africa’s transition towards multi-racial democracy.

You probably didn’t know that “Four, Double Six, Six Four” was Mr. Mandela’s prison number; number 466, imprisoned in ‘64. Mr. Mandela’s legacy is redirected for a new struggle; originally launched to raise awareness about HIV AIDS, 46664 has now expanded its focus to champion Mr. Mandela’s broader humanitarian work.

The 46664 campaign focuses on global social issues such as poverty, hunger, unemployment, education, gender inequality, discrimination, and HIV AIDS prevention. The 46664 Bangle initiative aims to create jobs for the less fortunate and also spreads awareness of the 46664 campaign.

Each 46664 Bangle is fair trade handmade in South Africa of the highest quality pure copperor silver, gold or platinum with a copper inlay. Each bangle bears a digital imprint of Mr. Mandela’s hand and his symbolic prison number. The Bangle program makes a positive impact through job creation and skills training while promoting a message of social responsibility.

In 2007, Rob Favole and the Elegant Roots team began turning a concept, an idea, into a social business, ElegantRoots.com designed specifically to serve people, planet, profits. In October 2008 -- exactly the time that The Great Depression became a topic for current events discussion -- ElegantRoots was launched as an online boutique offering design-forward jewelry and accessories For Her, For Him and furnishings For Home – and all of it is green, either eco-conscious, socially responsible, or both.

One Elegant notion is that design-forward products, lovely in form and function, take on unsurpassed beauty with the luster of fair trade, social responsibility and eco-consciousness. And knowing the story of these more meaningful products enables consumers to align their purchases with their values.

Transparency brings some benefits of globalization to those who had previously been on the margins, or worse, had been victims of globalization’s press for cheap labor. And transparency allows consumers to “vote” with their dollars for greater meaning and the greater good.

The ElegantRoots.com team strives to help provide access to the wide US markets for such products while providing their creators with some measure of recognition through a commitment to transparency. Thus, for each product, Elegant Roots tells the story -- the Roots -- through “our 4 Ws” (who made it, where, from what, and, why, beyond its beauty and function, it is a worthy purchase), and our designer profiles. Everyone wins -- from artisan, to customer, to recipient of an ElegantRoots.com gift -- upon delivery of an item of greater meaning than even its beauty or soulful qualities.

ElegantRoots.com supports the 46664 campaign of the Nelson Mandela Foundation by offering the 46664 Bangle on a non-profit basis – that is, ElegantRoots.com makes no profit on its sale of the 46664 Bangle.

Your purchase of a 46664 Bangle signifies you have risen to the challenge; making a real difference in the lives of those at risk from HIV/AIDS. More than a one-time act of charity, your purchase changes lives, unleashes opportunities for entire communities, and cares for, educates and uplifts those affected by this pandemic.

It’s not JUST a fashion statement. Tell the world that ordinary people can make extraordinary contributions. Be part of the new legacy.
Each 46664 Bangle bears a digital imprint of Mr. Mandela’s palm, a reminder of his slogan, “It’s in our hands”, and an embrace from one of the world’s most inspiring men.

Now it’s in your hands.

Join Brad Pitt, Will Smith, ElegantRoots.com and many others around the world in support of the 46664 campaign of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.