Does our Workplace Trends Report Hold the Answer to the Future?

Corproate Commentary by Aster Angagaw, Senior Vice President of Market Development, Sodexo
Jan 23, 2012 3:27 PM ET

Sodexo Corporate Blog by Aster Angagaw, Senior Vice President of Market Develop…

Employers take note: Regardless of age, race, gender or generation, employees expect a much different workplace experience. An experience that is as much individual as one that embodies your corporate culture. Are you ready with solutions that will keep your workforce engaged and highly effective?

Regardless of industry, there is a common thread that brings success to all organizations. That common thread is people. I believe Sodexo understands this on many levels, not only as part of the service industry, but as a company that places high value on a culture of caring and inclusion. For Sodexo and many other organizations, the challenge is how to attract, retain and harness the best talent in your industry.   With that in mind, our Sodexo researchers sought to understand what is critical for clients, end-users, and what the benchmarks are in the overall market when it comes to the workplace. And more importantly, how each of these factors shapes the outlook for 2012 and beyond. The research team recently presented a unique collection of trends in the 2012 Workplace Trends Report that represent a fascinating collective scan of the trends important in the workplace today. Whether people work physically or virtually, many of the bellwethers that emerged were not a surprise, but rather demonstrate topics which have reached critical mass.   The Workplace Trends Report outlines developments that influence both employees and employers. Click here to continue reading about our Workplace Trends Report.   About toLive ToLive (, a quality of life solution by Sodexo, creates an employee centric workplace experience uniquely customized to integrate the values and culture and future business objectives of an organization, incorporating all elements of well-being.   About Sodexo in North America Sodexo, Inc. (, leading Quality of Daily Life Solutions company in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, delivers On-site Service Solutions in Corporate, Education, Health Care, Government, and Remote Site segments, as well as Motivation Solutions such as Esteem Pass. Sodexo, Inc., headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md., funds all administrative costs for the Sodexo Foundation (, an independent charitable organization that, since its founding in 1999, has made more than $17 million in grants to fight hunger in America. Visit the corporate blog at