Corporate Social Responsibility and your Employees: Building Engagement from Within April 15, VANCOUVER, BC, Canada April 18, KELOWNA, BC, Canada

Feb 21, 2011 9:57 AM ET


Event Details This April, join Realized Worth and The Acacia Group as they present the insights you’re looking for: How to motivate your employees to not only embrace, but champion your organization’s CSR efforts - and - How leaders can leverage the enthusiasm and energy of their employee volunteers. NOTE: Includes catered lunch.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is beginner to advanced level; It is designed for CSR practitioners/executives, HR, and managers who are responsible for their organization's employee volunteer programs or leadership development.  



First, Chris Jarvis, co-founder and owner of Realized Worth, will draw on his in-depth research and experience in the field to address practical steps that can garner employee engagement as your business works for real and long-term social impacts. Key Takeaways:
  1. Understanding the Three Stages of Engagement (including: “missional organizations” and “the essential difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.”)

  2. How to design an EVP with the “Four Conditions of Sustainable Participation.”

  3. Explore current CSR best practices and trends.

  4. Discuss how to implement these practices in your organization.




Then, the Acacia Group, providers of socially responsible leadership programs, will guide us to discover how to equip employees to bring lessons from their volunteer experience back into the workplace. What are they learning that can enrich your business? What are the transferrable skills that will maximize their potential and differentiate you? What can your business learn from them?
Key Takeaways:
  1. A greater understanding of your personal leadership style

  2. Knowledge of what (really) engages your employees

  3. Methods for enabling employees to bring their new skills to work

  4. A sense of how employee volunteer programs can shift the corporate culture from “entitled” to engaged”

  5. Tools for inspiring commitment, mobilizing energy, and creating opportunities that will impact the bottom line.

    Workshop Presenters:
Chris Jarvis –
Chris Jarvis is the Co-Founder and Senior Consultant for RealizedWorth, a leading employee volunteering and CSR consulting firm. Chris provides training and hands-on involvement in the design and implementation of outstanding and sustainable employee volunteer programs for businesses interested in leveraging their CSR programs and differentiating their corporate culture.

Over the past 20 years, Chris has worked alongside nonprofit organizations ranging from urban centers in North America to the slums of Kibera, Kenya to develop their volunteer programs.

Chris and his partner Angela write extensively on issues of employee engagement and CR programs. Recently, they collaborated with Elaine Cohen on the writing of her new book ‘CSR for HR’ which provides Human Resources Managers a practical step by step guide to the way CSR interfaces with every HR function. Also, Chris and Angela are proud to have worked with Bea Boccalandro in her writing of Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering and of The End of Employee Volunteering. Angela and Chris also produce a widely followed blog on employee volunteering,, as well as contribute to FastCompany’s blog, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship's blog, Stanford’s Social Innovation Review, and 3BL Media.

“Chris is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, articulate and positive people I have met in the CSR world of corporate volunteering in the past few years. There are very few experts in this field who have the vision to take coprorate volunteering programs to the next level, and even fewer who can understand the context on all sides of the equation and tanslate that into practical, manageable and successful corporate programs. Chris does this expertly. Chris shares his knowledge generously in his blog which is always a pleasure and an inspiration to read. Chris is the guy who helps you out if you are in a fix, connects people who can learn from each other, and generally brings positive spirit into any interaction.”

Elaine Cohen [], CEO, BeyondBusiness “Chris Jarvis' expertise on employee volunteer programs are well-informed, finger-on-the-pulse relevant and just plain wise. Follow his advice and you will elevate your employee volunteering to new levels of greatness– no matter what developmental stage it finds itself. The discipline of employee volunteering is richer thanks to Chris' fresh outlook, keen insight and clear thinking.” Bea Boccalandro Owner at VeraWorks; Faculty at Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship


Christine Bonney – Christine has carried a passion for learning and leadership throughout her twenty-five year career. For the past seven years she has contributed strategically to the learning and leadership development of a billion dollar organization with over 20,000 staff members. As the senior director responsible for the development of leaders within a learning culture she created and implemented a program in innovative leadership that was accredited by the Sauder School of business at the University of BC and a coaching program that won the 2010 International Coaching Federation Prism Award for excellence in coaching.  Christine has extensive consulting experience - both private and not for profit sector - and has led departments within not for profits and the financial services industry.

Dave Harrhy – In his many leadership roles over the last twenty-years he has taken on a variety of local, regional and provincial responsibilities including those that have allowed him to participate in private public partnerships and forums through which the societal issues of mental health, addictions and homelessness can be addressed. Most recently, his experience supporting change management and benefits evaluation across multiple provincial projects has strengthened his capacity to bring a strategic focus to an organization’s corporate social responsibility agenda.    

RealizedWorth works with companies to design and implement outstanding Employee Volunteer Programs. Their goal is to elevate employee volunteering from a task-oriented activity to a transformative experience. 

RealizedWorth is a partnership of Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker. Read more about their work.


The Acacia Group offers a highly unique platform for leadership development through experiences in international community development projects. Our approach is for individuals, groups and organizations who wish to contribute to making a positive difference in the world, and who are comfortable shifting from the concept of doing good to tangible action.

By coaching established and emerging leaders through a social citizenship experience and then applying the lessons learned back to the strategic objectives of the organization, The Acacia Group marries personal, professional and strategic objectives with social objectives to tangible actions that result in multiple benefits. Read more about them here.