Companies "Rock the Vote" for Election Day

Sep 26, 2016 11:30 AM ET

Cone Communications Insights

As Election Day draws near, the conversation around the upcoming U.S. Presidential election has reached a fever pitch. And although many companies are steering clear of public partisan support, all can agree that encouraging consumers to get out to vote is paramount. Here's a roundup of company efforts to "rock the vote:”

  • USA Today Network launched the "Voting Because” effort this week, empowering Americans to share why their vote counts. A dedicated microsite allows consumers to create a meme or printable card to explain the reasons they vote with their networks using the hashtag #votingbecause, and a gallery shares the latest consumer posts. Visitors can also sign up for the Voting Because newsletter to learn more about the issues important in this election cycle.
  • Patagonia's political agenda is centered on encouraging voters to consider supporting candidates and policies that protect the environment, with the campaign "Vote Our Planet.” The outdoor outfitter's dedicated website allows visitors to "Get Informed & Register,” share #VoteOurPlanet social media posts and discover local events at Patagonia stores.
  • Virgin America is partnering with Rock the Vote to increase voter registration from the sky. The airline is following its in-flight safety video with a PSA encouraging Millennials to vote. The video concludes with instructions for flyers to register to vote via in-flight WiFi, as well as a contest to win a trip to the inauguration.
  • Ben & Jerry's* has launched the "Democracy is in Your Hands" campaign to expand voter access and voter rights and "get big money out of the political process.” This national campaign, focused in North Carolina, a state at the heart of the voting rights dispute, has a dedicated website encouraging voter registration and asks people to sign a petition to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act, while answering questions about voting rights. At local scoop shops, the brand is asking consumers to fill out a pledge to vote card, which will be sent to participants before voting day as a personal reminder. To further activate consumers and raise awareness, Ben & Jerry's also launched a new fudge-filled flavor, Empower Mint.

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