Our People

Our People

We make Qualcomm an inspiring and inclusive workplace to advance the development of leading-edge technologies

Our success is only possible with the hard work and dedication of our employees. We celebrate diversity among our workforce and recognize that our varied backgrounds, experiences, and ideas are critical to innovation. We foster inclusive practices in all areas of operation around the world to ensure that we remain a company that reflects the communities in which we do business. We also engage our global workforce through giving and outreach efforts to support and enrich the communities where we live and work.



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Recognition and ThankQ at Qualcomm
Research shows that recognition can increase employee engagement by more than 40 percent. With a strong recognition culture, employees are more likely to endorse a company as a great place to work, more likely to stay with the company long-term and more likely to feel committed to their job, manager and the company mission. After the Company's Climate Survey identified recognition as an...
Mar 5, 2021 10:00 AM ET
Qualcomm's Returnship Program Provides New Way To Re-Enter the Workforce
Employees take career breaks for a variety of reasons — to travel the world, try entrepreneurship, stay home with kids, or care for family members — to name a few. However, when employees return to the workplace, they may feel hesitant toward the inevitable challenges ahead. An idea that first emerged in 2017 from Director of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Rashmi Tripathi...
Mar 4, 2021 12:30 PM ET
Inclusion and Diversity at Qualcomm
Qualcomm has approximately 41,000 people represented by 109 nationalities working in more than 175 locations in 30 countries. Collectively, we speak 74 languages. We strive to be a community that reflects the world which we transform every day. That means working to ensure all our people have the chance to make their mark on innovation.  Improving management & recruitment...
Feb 18, 2021 12:30 PM ET
Key Accomplishments: Our People
At Qualcomm, as a company of inventors, we believe in the power of technology. We also believe that innovation leads to social change, and that with every exciting new invention comes the potential to transform the way we live, work and connect. Our Company owes its success to the hard work and dedication of our employees. Our varied backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and ideas...
Feb 16, 2021 1:30 PM ET
Accelerating the SDGs: Qualcomm Collaborates for Greater Impact
The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can only be achieved with strong global partnerships and cross-sector cooperation. That’s why SDG 17 (Partnerships to Achieve the Goals) may be the most powerful one---aiming to revitalize collaboration between governments, the private sector, nonprofits, and other organizations to tackle our world’s most pressing global issues. And with...
Dec 7, 2020 11:00 AM ET


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