Leveraging the Education Potential of Technology

Over the next three years, Verizon will invest up to $100 million in our education work to ensure that more students – particularly those in underserved communities – benefit from technology enabled education and digital learning.

We've seen how ongoing teacher training and technology in the classroom can affect a teacher's ability to teach and a student's passion for learning. Find out more about our exciting expansion and explore these success stories.

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10 Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Entrepreneurs Share Their 2022 Breakthroughs
In 2022, small business owners — more than 100,000 of them — gained access to free courses, one-on-one coaching, and networking with fellow entrepreneurs through Verizon Small Business Digital Ready.


Teachers Transform Their Teaching - and Careers - Through Tech
Three educators reveal how the impact of Verizon Innovative Learning extends beyond the classroom.


How a Middle-School Summer Program Builds Self-Identity With Tech and Mentorship
"It’s a really important time to be able to have them reflect on who they are: What do they value? What do they see themselves to be in the future?"

Innovation & Technology

McGraw Hill and Verizon Bring Learning to Life with Free Augmented Reality App
McGraw Hill and Verizon today announced a new mobile application to bring augmented reality (AR) learning activities to K-12 students and classrooms across the country: McGraw Hill AR.


Students Share How Access to Digital Learning Tools Sets Them Up for Success
We asked students at a Verizon Innovative Learning school to share what it’s really like to attend a school where connected tablets and innovative learning apps have replaced paper and pencil assignments in various subject electives.


What Are Students Grateful For? Teachers and Tech
To celebrate educators for Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked students to share the many ways their teachers have inspired and supported them, in the classroom and beyond.


We Need to Stop Talking About the Years Our Kids Lost in School.
One pandemic-era educator shares what she sees from her side of the screen: When we talk about the learning losses from the pandemic, we need to consider the gains, too.


SLAM Miami Student - and Aspiring Rapper - Uses Innovative Lab to Create Magic
Fabian Tercero dreams big: He hopes to pursue his love of music and become a professional rapper. With the help of the Verizon Innovative Learning Lab at his school, he’s inching his aspirations closer to reality.


The Verizon Foundation Names 5g Edtech Challenge Winners and Awards a Total of $1m to Bring Classroom Solutions to Life
The ten winning organizations will receive a total of $1 million and the winning teams will get access to Verizon’s 5G Labs and support from Verizon engineers and mentors to enhance their solutions.

Sustainable Development Goals

Verizon Innovative Learning School Named One of America’s Best Urban Schools
School is a lot different today than it was two years ago at P.S. 171, Patrick Henry Preparatory Academy in Harlem, NY. In 2016, when teachers wanted students to use computers in class, they rolled in the computer cart. Students lined up, took the laptops from the cart and brought them back to their seats. At the end of class, students lined up again to put the laptops back in the cart so they could be rolled over to the next classroom.

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  3. Leveraging the Education Potential of Technology
    Over the next three years, Verizon will invest up to $100 million in our education work to ensure that more students – particularly those in...
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