Hershey I Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint


Protecting Our Planet’s Resources – Safeguarding Our Future

We at Hershey have always said our business relies on a healthy earth. That statement is as true today as it was when Milton Hershey first said his famous quote, “There’s not a person alive who should not plant a tree. Not for the shade that you’ll enjoy, but for those coming after.”

Those coming after us in terms of the future of our business will continue to rely on agricultural commodities grown in healthy soil, rich biodiversity to keep pollinators busy all season long, abundant high-quality water to keep manufacturing our products, and clean air to keep our employees, consumers, and workers in our supply chain healthy and safe. 

Climate change, water scarcity, natural resource depletion and biodiversity degradation pose an increasing threat to our planet, communities and individuals around the world.  As we face environmental challenges, we see opportunities for collective action by governments, businesses, NGOs and multilateral organizations, and we are committed to doing our part to create positive change for a brighter future.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Hershey Updates Science-Based Targets As It Advances Efforts To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Hershey (NYSE: HSY) announced today that it has updated its 2030 science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets against the latest standards.


Hershey Reduces Environmental Impact Across Its Value Chain
The Hershey Company is making measurable progress on its commitment to act on climate change.


Energy Efficiency Ahead of Schedule: How Hershey Employees in Brazil Are Creating Long-Lasting Change for the Environment
In 2021, we joined a challenge to reduce energy intensity by 10% within five years. The Hershey Brazil manufacturing team achieved that goal four years ahead of schedule through the work of innovative employees and the support of Hershey Green Teams.


Hershey Is Reducing Their Emissions - Find Out How
Learn the latest on how we’re reducing Direct & Indirect emissions by 50% and Value Chain emissions by 25% by 2030.


Strengthening Sustainability When the Stakes Are High
The Hershey Company — which has achieved a commitment to source 100% certified & sustainable cocoa by 2020 — has been committed since 2018 to no new deforestation in its global cocoa supply chain. It is also committed to tackling child labor issues.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Celebrating Employee Sustainability Engagement…With Trees!
This Arbor Day we are doing something we have never done before. We will pay for our employees to plant trees…at their own homes.

Sustainable Development Goals

Hershey Makes Bold Environmental Commitments
Hershey has set ambitious new goals to reduce its global emissions in line with the global best practice of the Paris Climate Agreement, to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Sustainable Development Goals

Hershey: Looking to 2030
We announced ambitious environmental commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, advance sustainable packaging solutions and end deforestation across our supply chain.


Powering Hershey With Solar
Our new solar projects with BayWa r.e. Solar Projects LLC / Americas and National Grid Renewables are key in pursuit of our 2030 goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance environmental action.


Hershey Announces New Renewable Energy Agreements Aligned With 2030 Goal to Reduce Emissions by More Than 50%
The Hershey Company (NYSE: HSY) today announced two new clean energy partnerships to develop solar projects in the U.S. as it moves its operations toward the use of clean and renewable energy.
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