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At Hershey, we envision a world where cocoa farmers and their families live healthy, prosperous lives; where cocoa communities and ecosystems thrive for generations to come.

In 2018, we launched our Cocoa For Good strategy—our approach to sustainable cocoa. We’re investing half a billion dollars by 2030 to nourish children, empower youth, build prosperous communities and preserve natural ecosystems.

In 2020, we committed to  expanding our direct sourcing strategy under the Cocoa For Good program. More details and annual progress updates on Cocoa For Good are in Hershey's annual sustainability reports.

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Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Food Meant for Children in West Africa Was at Risk of Going to Waste. That’s When Hershey Stepped In.
With the help of on-the-ground-partners, Tim McCoy devised a plan to purchase and transport 1.1 million servings of this therapeutic food to children through Côte d’Ivoire-based non-governmental organization, The Children of Africa Foundation.

Responsible Production & Consumption

How We're Delivering Progress on Cocoa Sustainability
Our pledge to invest half a billion dollars in these communities by 2030 is translating to meaningful results on the ground, helping to keep children in school, helping to diversify and increase incomes, giving farmers the support to build thriving businesses and protecting forests.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Daloa: Cocoa-Growing Economic Operators Offer School Infrastructure to Village Communities
The cocoa industry and farmer cooperatives united their energies in Daloa, school infrastructures to several communities to participate in the education of thousands of children victims of the worst forms of child labor in the cocoa fields.

Research, Reports & Publications

Hershey's 2020 Cocoa & Forests Initiative Annual Report Shares Progress Toward Ending Cocoa-Related Deforestation
Our 2020 Cocoa & Forests Initiative Annual Report shares progress toward ending cocoa-related deforestation.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Power of Partnerships in Cocoa Sustainability
One thing I’ve learned through all of my experiences is that making a difference in cocoa can only be achieved through the power of partnerships and industry alignment. Partnerships with governments. Partnerships with suppliers and NGOs.

Responsible Production & Consumption

What Cocoa Sustainability Means at Hershey
Nearly 70 percent of the world’s cocoa comes from West Africa, and cocoa is a critical and often sole source of cash for millions of smallholder farming families


Enabling Landscape and Community-led Natural Resource Management
Launched in January 2019, the Kakum Cocoa Agroforestry Landscape Program in Ghana is an exciting new partnership between Hershey, the Nature Conservation Research Centre, Ghana’s Forestry Commission, the Ghana Cocoa Board and our supplier, Ecom Agrotrade Ltd.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Going Beyond 'Fair Trade' With Hershey's Sustainable Cocoa Strategy
More than eight years ago, Hershey made an ambitious, important commitment to reaching 100 percent certified and sustainable cocoa by 2020.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Hershey Doubling Down on Commitment to Ethical Cocoa Supply Chain
The Hershey Company (NYSE:HSY) today announced an expansion of its Cocoa For Good program, committing to 100% direct-sourced cocoa in high-risk areas by 2025, which will include all of its cocoa sourced by its suppliers from Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Hershey Continues to Scale Cocoa Sustainability Efforts
At Hershey, we are driven by our purpose of making more moments of goodness, whether that’s eating S’mores over the campfire or sharing Hershey’s Kisses with a friend.
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